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As a native New Yorker, cool, calm and collected is my baseline. It’s really hard to rattle someone who grew up accustomed to seeing the unusual. My almost decade long career in Production has taught me how to effortlessly pivot in a way that makes everyone think that was the plan all along. Nothing is too crazy or unexpected to be worked around; I see obstacles as puzzles and I love solving puzzles. 


I’m comfortable in any environment working with anyone. I mean just look at this picture of me dancing with Godzilla. The talent I’ve worked with ranges from superstars, to up-and-coming on-camera talent, even puppies. (They were dressed like Avengers. What is cuter than puppies in costumes?!) I’ve worked in the middle of fields, TV control rooms, tiny rooms that I’ve turned into a makeshift studio and the most challenging: an open office setting.

I take my work very seriously, I research to the point of being over prepared. I make sure to have contingencies for everything and I keep myself very organized so I always have the answers ready. But, I feel it’s just as important for me to ensure the working environment is also fun; not just for me, but for the cast and crew I’m working with. Simply because people who are having fun feel more creative, and that leads to fun content.

That about sums it up! If you’re looking for an organized, proactive, analytics driven producer, who thrives in a creative and collaborative environment then look no further.

I hope we get to work together soon!

Fun Fact: My work has brought people together, it's how Elon Musk met Grimes.

No, really.
Elon Musk googled a funny play on words he thought of, stumbled upon an interview I had done with Grimes on that very wordplay and he reached out to her. 

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